There is a notion about childhood being carefree and playful, but a memory flickers from the child I used to be, hauntingly heavy inexplicable thoughts have followed me in life. I have this feeling that i once fell asleep and then woke up as somebody else.

The series Place to Hide is an assembly of images depicting children in their home. By playing a game I explore the function of the home as a delimited zone where adults can control and protect their children from the outside world. A place where armor is forged and days are scheduled. The children need to be prepared for the final liberation and learning hierarchic structures. They turn into small polyphonic birds whose echos testify about the surrounding walls. Their own voices are hard to discern.

My camera acts both as a filter and an external objective eye. Mercilessly reveals, registers and tells its own story. The parents and the home can, through the machine, be seen as a media frenzy, spewing out photographs representing shapes and frameworks.

By recreating a memory I am taking control over what has been and what is still to come, to create an overview of roles and positions changing over time. Lending different eyes to examine the lifeworld that we call childhood. Investigating time to find my way back to that transformation, if there ever was one.

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